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Movie Production tweets

Andrew Shire

Mr. @SamuelLJackson in the Peg, woot woot. http://t.co/LhwyU8OG


6 years ago

Axel | Gaitan

One day you'll see me owning my own production company with my first movie out in the market, you'll see ill prove you wrong #keepmyword


6 years ago

Amanda Zehner

fishingboatproceeds: effyeahnerdfighters: The Fault in Our Stars movie production update! Check it out on Hyp… http://t.co/k8NXKCHK


6 years ago

Ivey Brown

the movie I was watching is so stupid that it made me sleepy what a waste of production money


6 years ago

Jaleel Gough

@airjomax21 the videos i made in video production class in hS was better than that movie oh my Hulk Hogan how the mighty have fallen smh


6 years ago

Terminal Chillness

After reading that, I'll never watch a movie the same. Or any acting production.


6 years ago


Its very proud to c singapore local production movie Ah Boys To men


6 years ago