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Industrial Painting Company California tweets

♔Sorry Not Sorry♔

I am so bad at painting my nails it's not even funny.


5 years ago

Policía Nacional

4 detenidos por el robo de 100 jamones y 60 paletas de ibérico en una nave industrial de Guijuelo http://t.co/zq8wpRClTz


5 years ago

Fakta Faktanya WOW!

Seseorang yang sering melamun cenderung mengalami penuaan dini lebih cepat, tanpa mereka sadari. [Penelitian Universitas California]


5 years ago

BBC News (World)

California passes a state law that will enable under-18s to demand that websites delete their personal information http://t.co/i4j8xGRR23


5 years ago

Mufti Ismail Menk

Sometimes we think so negatively because that's the way those we interact with think. Try the company of better people.


5 years ago

Washington Post

Navy: Company that did background check on Navy Yard gunman knew he lied about 2004 arrest; he got clearance anyway http://t.co/uj2RGbJeRQ


5 years ago

Phil Lester

My fate is forever sitting on the floor of the airport. Thor is keeping me company http://t.co/ZfoG7E1uPE


5 years ago