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Informed Of Adamant Demand tweets


Don't ask more than you can give. Don't expect more than you can handle. Don't demand more than you deserve.


10 years ago

Whoopi Goldberg

let's ask those in the senate and congress who have GREAT medical plan to demand the SAME plan for the rest of us.


10 years ago

haljung S♡NE

SONE JAPAN informed "new song" to be performed at Premium Live on 4th Nov for the 1st time. http://t.co/Ys01rsipsN


10 years ago

White Collar

Only 20 days until #WhiteCollar is back! Catch up now online & On Demand. #CollarCatchUp http://t.co/OJpM8AtKzi


10 years ago

Dan Bernstein

I'm told the #Cubs have been informed by Joe Girardi's camp that he will listen if they want to talk. Indeed they do.


10 years ago

Top Conservative Cat

That awkward moment when Republicans refuse to pay the country's debts unless Obama implements Romney's agenda: http://t.co/P2sKeEtTIX


10 years ago

The White House

"That’s not going to happen." —President Obama on the House GOP demand to shut down the government if we don't gut #Obamacare


10 years ago