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Inshore Spinning Or Conventional tweets

Chicago Bulls

Dunleavy with the spinning up and under finish! He's got 9pts on the evening, six in the 3rd qtr. #DETvsCHI


5 years ago

Cheer Perks

You think cheerleading is easy? Please come take a hit from a girl 10 feet in the air while spinning and STILL have perf hair&makeup.


5 years ago

Life Hacks and Tips

You can clear a room full of cigarette smoke in about a minute simply by spinning a wet towel around http://t.co/qX8DfD06AT


5 years ago

Bloomberg News

FDA to decide whether to lump $1.5 billion e-cigarette industry in with conventional smokes | http://t.co/YvYBytZsI0


5 years ago

Phil Plait

Spinning faster than pulsars. #sheesh “@daveweigel: House Republicans tell me why they totally won the shutdown. http://t.co/1Pa1ZXJWKY”


5 years ago


Here's how the GOP is spinning the loss that happened just now as a win: http://t.co/k8uQbsa9fi


5 years ago

Justin Bieber News

Thanks @Z100NewYork for just spinning #AlllThatMatters! http://t.co/OnxtgVNBR9


5 years ago