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Install Stargazer On Boat tweets

✞ Bad Acid ✞

I dont care anymore. remove my internal organs, gouge out my eyes, install netflix inside my brain & feed me visions of my favorite shows


10 years ago


เขาบอกว่า เขาเป็นเจ้าของเกาะ เขาบอกอีกว่า "This is my boat" (สำเนียงเหน่อๆแบบชุน)555555555 http://t.co/L1g3IVyAyt


10 years ago

Lil Wayne Raps Like

I got a smart boat, call that a scholarship.


10 years ago

Joey Tribbiani

row row row your boat gently away from me


10 years ago

Andrew Lowe

can someone please install a bathroom in my room so i dont have to get up oh & also a taco bell and a starbucks and also some friends too


10 years ago

Maria Popova

"It's called 'reading.' It's how people install software into their brains." Such wisdom in this delightful cartoon http://t.co/XQCZ83CeBb


10 years ago

chris o'dowd

Who'd have thought the story of the painting of the dogs on the man's boat from Goodfellas would bring us to Leitrim. http://t.co/8e6DDghFR1


10 years ago