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Iphone 32 Gb tweets

Mark Chan San Choon

Ok here I am going to use iPhone 3 gs 32 gb and not going to upgrade to iPhone 5. That's it! *hopefully*


11 years ago

brendan leaman 

@Danielle_Dx I need a 32 gb iPhone I have no room for anymore apps **


11 years ago

Vaporized Music

iPad 3, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and finally 27' iMac 3.9 GHz w/ 32 GB of Ram!!! 3-4 weeks away ;)


11 years ago

David Feigel

The decision to go with 64 gb instead of 32 on my iPhone became a good one today


11 years ago

Clayton Ford

When having a 32 GB iPhone becomes a necessity #firstworldproblems #toomuchpersonalstuff


11 years ago


Up for sale Verizon Black iPhone 5 32 gb in perfect condition. Clean ESN. Switching to Samsung so I'm sellin http://t.co/ljDYczR2


11 years ago

Elliot Yoon

About to run out of space on my 32 GB iPhone @_@


11 years ago