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Irene Amman Und Jennifer Calm tweets

Niall Horan

Thanks for being so calm at the hotel! We get t take pictures with u guys ! And the police and hotel security don't stop it!


6 years ago

Spiritual Truths

You cannot be happy if you fill your mind with needless worries, keep your thoughts simple & calm & happiness will follow.


6 years ago

Zodiac Sign Cancerâ„¢

Nobody can calm a #Cancer down when their angry but themselves. Give them a lot of space. Anyone can get cussed out if around.


6 years ago

Health & Fitness

Strong heart, fit body, clear skin, toned muscles, calm nerves, happy soul, big smile! Want it? Eat right, Exercise, Sleep Enough.


6 years ago

Professor Snape

Keep calm and stop using this phrase.


6 years ago

Speak Comedy

Keep Calm, The past is behind, Learn from it. The future is ahead, Prepare for it. The present is here, Live it.


6 years ago

Story Of My Life!

they be like "delete my number" i be like.... ♕ KEEP CALM IT WAS NEVER SAVED


6 years ago