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Istanbul 2005 tweets

Adam Moody

Missing: Steven Gerrard, 32, last seen in Istanbul in 2005. Enjoys diving and beating up DJs.


5 years ago

The Tam

@kieranjudd_ @paulpatters0n @owendavies1878 @eddiegibson1998 don't forget to cuddle the Istanbul 2005 DVD case


5 years ago

Ciarán Kelly

@HeyMustBdoumani I do think it is fair, sure ya have 2nd leg conundrums but is it fair to drag Liverpool fans to Istanbul? (2005)


5 years ago

Duncan Forrest

i have not been this nervous since Istanbul 2005 #cmonthehoops


5 years ago

Jay Quinn

The best day of my life was easily 25th may 2005 #5times #LFC #Istanbul


5 years ago

Im fluffy

25/5/2005… ISTANBUL… Atatürk stadium… if you remember this you are simply AWESOME!!


5 years ago

kristian bennett

@OllieHolt22 do you think @DietmarHamann andeveryone else should have accepted defeat at istanbul on may 25 2005? The big picture saw us win


5 years ago