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Its All That Song tweets


Baby that song, I gotta tell you the truth been hidin it way too long from you, I can't believe you never knew, its all about you.❤**


6 years ago


"Hold me nw, Its hard 4me 2say I'm sorry, I could never let u go..After all that we've been thru I'll make it up to u"»Drummie song_miss it!


6 years ago

Hand picked ♥

All the single ladies! All the single ladies! *Flips hair* I just love that Keri Hilson song!! #teamKeri


6 years ago


do you know that drake song thats like "dindindidndidn" idk its all normal then it gets all wicka wicka idk it scares me


6 years ago


@CourtnayBrown that song. Haha not all country tho! Most of its good. Haha


6 years ago

Ryan B

@abelisbutch play "a day in the life" all the way through until its full end. then imagine sleeping & hearing the very end of that song


6 years ago

Andrea Mata

What is that song called that's like "it's 2am and I'm wide awake ... If I get it all down its no longer inside of me.." ??


6 years ago