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Jakub W Aktur tweets

Elon Musk

Why does a Tesla fire w no injury get more media headlines than 100,000 gas car fires that kill 100s of people per year?


6 years ago

Dwayne Johnson

Armed w/ ambition and a bad haircut.. today in 1996, I made my WWE debut in Madison Square Garden. #ForeverGrateful http://t.co/dNTVk6Wh34


6 years ago

Colin Tilley

Created Pure art w @justinbieber today... #AllThatMatters


6 years ago

Skip Bayless

Cam, whose accuracy can come and go, is ON FIRE. Just deadly. Too good. Saved drive w/ legs, finished w/ arm.


6 years ago


Former NFL LB Thomas Howard was killed in high-speed crash in California. Howard played w/ Raiders, Bengals & Falcons. He was 30 years old.


6 years ago

Albert Breer

Asked Steve Smith what happened w/Talib. He told me, "You're gonna have to ask him. He didn't finish the game. Ice up, son." Coming on NFLN.


6 years ago

澤村 圭一

今日やった英作文の問題。「うちの4才になる娘は人見知りがき- つくて…」 驚いたことにこの娘の年齢を生徒の大半が「3才- 」と捉えていた。「4才だよな?」とバイトの東大生に聞いたら- 、「3才だと思います。先生の言い分もわかりますが」と言われ- た。言い分てw 日本語詳しい方、解説ぷりーず!


6 years ago