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James Maslow

Go vote and let's win this! Xoxo, JM http://t.co/vMve793wzH


5 years ago

What The F*** Facts

When asked why she had shot 11 people at her school, the shooter, 16-year old Brenda Ann Spencer, replied, "I don't like Mondays."


5 years ago


LeBron James will give Ohio State a pregame speech before the Buckeyes play Wisconsin on Saturday. (via @ScoutOhioState)


5 years ago

Rafael Tan

booster buat kalian...skr giliran aku yg blg kalian adlh mood booster buat aku terutama hr ini & saat ini...love u more my charming booster!


5 years ago

Sports Pics

LeBron James hurdles and dunks over Bulls guard John Lucas during a Miami-Chicago game, 2012: http://t.co/iR90dEXt85


5 years ago

Rolling Stone

Metallica's James Hetfield says they looked to 'The Wall,' the Monkees and Led Zeppelin for their new concert film: http://t.co/b6kao6B3RT


5 years ago

Sachez Le

À l'âge de 16 ans. 80% des personnes ont déjà rencontré la personne qu''elle vont épouser.


5 years ago