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James Jeans tweets

Obsessed With Tatum

To know how much you weigh You still have to squeeze into your jeans But you're perfect to me


9 years ago

Gayle Rooke

Best Deal on James... http://t.co/tahB7iVV


9 years ago

Fernanda Mambro

Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room , you know you made my eyes burn, It was like, James Dean, for sure (8)


9 years ago

Laci Longacre

James Jeans Women's Twiggy... http://t.co/dxh7BhMJ


9 years ago

Em Wachspress

Blue jeans, White shirt Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn It was like James Dean, for sure


9 years ago

Vicky Lango

James Jeans Women’s Twiggy Maternity 5-Pocket Skinny Legging, China Doll, 25: James Jeans Women's Twiggy Mat... http://t.co/y9O7O4Jq


9 years ago

Janeth L Valles

James Jeans: Inspiration http://t.co/2ejIisRg


9 years ago