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Japanski Iq Test tweets


during a math test: me: my answer = 23 answer choices: 170, 195, 264, 362 me: well 170 is closest to 23, so that must be the answer


10 years ago


Kids who have imaginary friends tend to have a stronger memory as adults, a higher IQ and can more easily solve complex problems.


10 years ago

It’s funny how if you get an A on a test your grade goes up like 2 percent but if you get a F your grade goes down like the titanic.


10 years ago

Lo Mejor de Twitland

Hola, soy el tío de España que tiene un sidecar para que las preguntas de los test de conducir sean más difíciles.


10 years ago

WOW Facts Of Life

School doesn't really test your intelligence, it tests your memory.


10 years ago

Fakta Faktanya WOW!

Dlm 100thn trakhir, nilai IQ baik pria & wanita terus meningkat, tapi IQ wanita lebih tinggi dibanding pria. [J. Flynn, penemu Flynn Effect]


10 years ago

Unrevealed Facts

If a man takes a pregnancy test and it comes back positive, he may have testicular cancer.


10 years ago