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When a cat blinks slowly at you, it's a sign of affection referred to as a "kitty kiss."


10 years ago

Manchester United

Here's the man himself. He told fans: "I hope to sign as many books as I can. Thank you very much for coming." http://t.co/6Xpbs1NadP


10 years ago

Teen Quotes!

Having a broken heart is a good sign. It means you've tried for something.


10 years ago

rob delaney

Fun Fact about California if you've never been: there's a sign by every building's entrance notifying you it's filled with cancer.


10 years ago

One Direction

'Moments' = Grandparents, 'Heart Attack' = Pets, 'Kiss You' = Sign Language and 'I Want' = Little Brothers&Sisters. 1DHQ x #1DDayMusicVideos


10 years ago

Alli Simpson

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10 years ago

Life Pro Tips

Not arguing at all in a relationship shows a lack of interest, and can be a bad sign for where the relationship is heading


10 years ago