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Jenny Brooke tweets

Jonathan Graham

@Jenny_Boyd @brookekatyd haha np will mate :) ps Brooke I ned ur help diaster has struck get Jenny to send u my new num and fone Ma later :)


7 years ago

Jenny Boyd

@JGSPB you can't spell lv =)) Im a bit young for that anyway! Would love to stick Brooke in my case tbh! =)) @brookekatyd


7 years ago

Olivia Peters

1 on 1 conversation with Brooke Lowe feat Jenny shields http://t.co/F4IkwF41


7 years ago

Bonnie Poirier

Check out Jenny's Pinterest page & no it's not a scam, I promise! She's got some great fashion pins too!!! http://t.co/JZABgzr2 #pinterest


7 years ago

Salomé Little Voice

@24_Addict Season 2 when Lucas and Brooke visit Haley on tour and Jake leaves Peyton to find Jenny... "There's 2 tragedies...." :)


7 years ago

Brooke Martin

RT @AshleyyyRice: #TweetLikeYourCoach "Hey Jenny from the block" ******** @Brooke_Monster


7 years ago


@brooke_noble yeaah! hopefully soon :)


7 years ago