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Jesse Korthout tweets

Aaron Paul

Jesse, I love you and you will always be a part of me. Thanks for the memories. Your friend, Aaron


5 years ago

9 year olds now worry about iphones and makeup when i was 9 i was worried about if miley was gonna pick jake or jesse on hannah montana


5 years ago

Rob Fee

That hole Jesse is living in would cost $1600/month in LA. #BreakingBad


5 years ago

Bobby Moynihan

@aaronpaul_8 Thanks for making my night Meth Nephew aka "Jesse Drinkman" http://t.co/Bo61FN9ogz


5 years ago

panshak zamani

The Second Album 'Fire of Zamani' drops this oct! Ft Sunny Neji, Wale, Sound Sultan, MI, Jesse Jagz,… http://t.co/VY0KFJCavq


5 years ago

Tony Reali

Prediction: Jesse self detonates lab killing all NeoNazis; Walt calls for a cab in ABQ/ tells Sky where $ is, dies alone. Homevideo from Ep1


5 years ago

Seinfeld Current Day

Jesse Pinkmen become Obames bodyguard Obame get rush to ER after he smoke Walts ricin cigarete Jesse call Walt JESSE: YOU POISENED BAROCK


5 years ago