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Stanley the Unicorn

@soojjangs i'ms orry it just sounded like you were going to be like OH THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS FRIGHTFUL


6 years ago


Haylor is the biggest publicity stunt, everyone can see it. The fact that they were just randomly rumoured to be together and now (c)


6 years ago

Kay Norman

RT @MaxPemberton: So, just in case you were wondering how Francis Maud 'suffered' at the hands of the press, here's it is: http://t.co/f ...


6 years ago

Jose Gorbea

@labella_bri because we were supposed to do it together but then she just fell off the face of the earth... I guess the world IS flat! Lol


6 years ago

Anthony Grayson

and sir, it is four in the morning. you might as well have just told me you were closed. as if i'd wait 20 minutes for your systems to work.


6 years ago

Tyler Keturi

@TomLemelin good call. 843 it is. I got lazy and didn't look at all the pages just did the math assuming they were full. @arlindgren05


6 years ago

Lauren Jeanne

@trevorikrath Most likely. He's just so normal. But if he were the main character in Eva it'd be like oh obviously this guy is chosen.


6 years ago