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Justin Beiber Car tweets

Ashley Conde

Ugh I try to hate Justin Beiber toooooo!!!! But here I am belting as long as you love me in my car **


8 years ago

Bianca Lakin

Sat in the car with matt waiting for AJ with justin beiber on repeat! Wooo #babybabyohhhh


8 years ago

Justin Campbell

Alright. While he's not my favorite singer or celebrity whatever, I do like Justin Beiber's car alot. Smart guy going with the Porsche


8 years ago

Marcus Mannion

I don't care how successful she is, Justin beiber is not being played in my car


8 years ago

Suzie Bachman

RT @ke_den: @TylerBehrend just realized that the song he's been singing aloud to himself in his car is by Justin Beiber....


8 years ago


@kgruney watching justin beiber on the #vsfashion show makes me think of riding in your car and that dude flipping you off


8 years ago

K∂∫£ πøvãk

I hope Justin Beiber gets in a car crash and loses his voice on his way to the show.


8 years ago