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Karnataka Urban Development Act tweets

Ed Sheeran

my urban music award from 2011 turned up today, better late than never


5 years ago

Lowongan Kerja Riau

http://t.co/pfxSIlZIcQ Lowongan Kerja Business Development Manager @ PT. Terumo Indonesia


5 years ago

Perfect Boyfriend

The best relationship is when we can act like lovers, but also like best friends.


5 years ago

Teen Struggles

Don't talk, act. Don't say, show. Don't promise, prove.


5 years ago

Barack Obama

"It hurts our credibility around the world. It makes us look like we don't have our act together." —President Obama on the #shutdown


5 years ago

Eww Feelings✋

The moment when someone jokes about one of your insecurities and you have to act like it didn't bother you.


5 years ago

Luke Brooks

You act so different around me


5 years ago