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Kieren Kane tweets

Movie Phrases

«Hay dos tipos de personas: Las que consiguen lo que quieren y las que no se atreven a conseguir lo que quieren» Película: Ciudadano Kane


9 years ago

Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs U21 v Leicister City U21: Archer; Fredericks, Fryers, Veljkovic, Ball; Stewart, McEvoy, Bentaleb, Lancaster; Kane, Coulthirst #THFC


9 years ago

Happy Gilmore

Here's @bollig87's response video to Patrick Kane's stickhandling video-> http://t.co/YplVe6DsDG


9 years ago

Troy of Sparta

The person died in the group is always made to look like the bad guy Left Eye.. David Ruffin.. Eddie Kane... Ike Turner smh #TLCMovie


9 years ago

WWE Creative Humor

So does this mean in a few months when her fake Diesel gimmick is done that @TaminaSnuka is going to return as Kane? #RAWTonight


9 years ago

Chicago Blackhawks

Now on #Blackhawks TV: What is it like taking mom with you on the road? Patrick Kane talks about the Mothers' Trip. http://t.co/XopU7aCXmT


9 years ago

Horace T. Knox

LOL they are talking about Pebbles on here like crazy. I know she regret doing TLC like Diddy did to Danity Kane, Day26, & Donnie LOL!


9 years ago