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Sadie Robertson

I am the daughter of a king who is not moved by the world. For my God is with me, and goes before me. I do not fear because I am his❤️


8 years ago

L'instant respect

Les filles ne sont pas des jouets. Vous ne pouvez pas vous amuser avec elles comme bon vous semble.


8 years ago

Funny Tweets

Selena: "Who says you're not perfect?" Miley: "Nobody's Perfect!" P!nk: "You're F**king Perfect" I'm confused... am I perfect or not?


8 years ago

kurt sutter

tonight, #SOAFX, THE MAD KING. the MC will never be the same. an epic shift in the mythology. please don't miss it.


8 years ago

Disney Words

Bad things happen, and you can't do anything about it. –Timon (The Lion King)


8 years ago


【データ】バルサMFソング、シャビやイニエスタも経験のない- パス成功率100%達成 http://t.co/w4UUa2fHR4 A・ソングは- 5日のバジャドリード戦にフル出場し、102本のパス全てを成- 功させたようです。


8 years ago

camEEla cabeYo

martin luther king jr is the definition of a boss


8 years ago