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Knmg Jaarcongres Opkomst 2010 tweets


The world's largest burrito was created in November of 2010 and weighed 12,785 pounds.


7 years ago

One Direction

2010: I'm a Directioner! 2011: I'm a Directioner! 2012: I'm a Directioner! 2069: I'm a Directioner! RT if you'll always be a Directioner.


7 years ago

قروب زيادة متابعين

➊ فرصتك ✔ ,➋ لزيادة متابعينك✔ ➌ ريتويت✔ .➍ فولومي @FF_DU ✔ ➎` فولوباك✔ ➏ اضافة من عمل ريتويت✔ ➐ http://t.co/jtszIhy13m 2010


7 years ago

Dallas Cowboys

Throw up the X! RT @DenverBroncos: The top 2 WRs drafted in 2010. Which 88 would you rather have? #DT #Dez http://t.co/3ZY6UjSIGN


7 years ago

Fakta Faktanya WOW!

Pada Oktober 2010, Angklung secara resmi diakui UNESCO sebagai 'World Intangible Heritage'.


7 years ago

PC Siqueira

Por um twitter onde as pessoas reparem que botar avatar de 1st gradeism e escrever sem virgulas já deixou de ser engraçado desde 2010.


7 years ago

Éoin Clarke

Retweet if you agree with me that Andy Burnham has been Labour's #best performing Shadow Minister since 2010


7 years ago