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Koprova Omacka tweets

Andrew Bower

Can anyone remember which ISPs said they'd have IPv6 in 2012. Was it @zeninternet, @skybroadband, @virginmedia and @btcare or just some?


6 years ago


Aishhhhhh. Sia sia je ni aku siap. Okay ibu msg me and say "okay go out don't need to wait for farisha to come." CAN OR NOT? ******


6 years ago

Jessica McCormack

@SARABURNSTEIN So what's ur out of office going to say?? I suggest 'Sara is at the plastic surgeons for the next year.. or so' Perhaps?


6 years ago

Lady Boss

RT @Wiz_Khaalifa: R.I.P to everybody who didn't make it to Christmas this year. Retweet if you care, or lost somebody.


6 years ago

6 years ago

Kiss You

RT @TheDebbyRyan: The world cannot end tomorrow. I don't have a boyfriend. Anyway, are zombies hot or whatever? Asking for a friend.


6 years ago

Emily :

In docs again cause ONE gland keeps deciding to swell up better be gone for christmas or ill cry #cantSwallow #nojokesaboutthatplease


6 years ago