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Korean Music Festival tweets


So PSY has to come here twice in the next year heh? First for the "Korean Grammys" and then for the music festival.


5 years ago


RT @2PM_facts: [BROADCAST] MBC korean music festival in kobe that wooyoung went to will be airing on 1/12, 24:30kst RT @ONEDAY_JAPAN htt ...


5 years ago

ĵμяїє žαη

I liked a @YouTube video from @mbckpop http://t.co/CdL0w2EI (PREVIEW) 2011 MBC KOREAN MUSIC FESTIVAL


5 years ago

Music Festival

[FANCAM] Korean Music Festival 2007 Big Bang | Music Festival


5 years ago

Only The News

New blog posting, [FANCAM] Korean Music Festival 2007 Big Bang - http://t.co/qJhkWpDs


5 years ago

Hyerim Woo [SH]

[FACT] Lim first performance with the Wonder Girls in the USA was on May 1, 2010 at the Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles, Californ #BOT


5 years ago

that's like babo

@toffeenutfrappe they went there last year for Korean Music Festival? i think? my sister saw them when she was in sg at that time :3


5 years ago