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Kristen Bell Art Museum Movie tweets

Miley Ray Cyrus

You wouldn't edit art in a museum.


6 years ago

Damien Fahey

Why should politicians listen to the American people when those are the same people who made Grown Ups 2 a number one movie?


6 years ago

Hunter Moore

Things I love twice as much when drunk: Taco Bell. Office chairs that roll.


6 years ago

Great Minds Quotes

"A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with. A man is what he makes of himself." - Alexander Graham Bell


6 years ago

Donald J. Trump

Business is an art in itself, and powerful negotiation skills are one of the techniques necessary to facilitate success.


6 years ago

Chad Johnson

Pass me not, O gentle savior, hear my humble cry, while on others art thou calling, do not pass me by. #Classic


6 years ago


If you invite a girl over to watch a movie and you actually watch a movie, you're a failure as a man.


6 years ago