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Me: Okay brain, lets focus for just 45 minutes on this math test we can do this. Brain: DADADA BANANA LALALALALA AFRO SQUIRREL POTATO LALA


5 years ago

Finish Line

Thanks to @lala we get a glimpse of @carmeloanthony's sneaker closet -> http://t.co/S13yyc5hYU


5 years ago

Hai Magazine

Yang mau ngobrol bareng Lala Timothy dan @_VinoGBastian di #HaiDay 2013 cek nih jadwalnya http://t.co/fsqvIv6nGp


5 years ago


【ヴァンパイア騎士原画展】10/25(金)~11/10(日- )アニメイト池袋本店、3階に新設されたミュージアムスペース- で開催されます。美麗カラー原画を展示する他にも、楽しんでい- ただけるように鋭意準備中です! 写真はまだ準備前の会場です。 http://t.co/cCg2qNIU7A


5 years ago

Domino's Pizza India

#MeraLoveSign Q5. Mera sun sign hai Virgo aur meri wife ka Cancer. Koi mujhe Rauf Lala bulata hai aur koi Chulbul Chautala. Main hoon kaun ?


5 years ago


Rahul at tribe land in MP Tribe: Jhinga lala Rahul hu hu Rahul: What's he saying? Translator: Sir, he is saying you're a .. Rahul: Chutiya


5 years ago

रंगीला बुढऊ

I called ASI about my dream of hidden treasure, they said they are not authorised to dig under 10 Janpath.


5 years ago