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Lasoo The Moon tweets

Disney Words

Be mysterious as the dark side of the moon. –Shang (Mulan)


6 years ago


How does a man cut his hair on the moon? Eclipse it.


6 years ago

Lucy Hale

Love this little lady to the moon & back. Happy Birthday Banan! You're getting old. anniebreiter http://t.co/o3KTOEN2tS


6 years ago

Google Earth Pics

Full Moon above Mount Fuji, Japan #EarthPics http://t.co/mLDSw5ytge


6 years ago

Yaya Toure Facts

Yaya Toure once kicked a rock. That rock is now known as the 'Moon'. #ToureFacts


6 years ago

Zak Bagans

Whenever I look at the moon I think about how many billions of people looked at it and its never changed from 100s to 1000s of years ago


6 years ago

Your Music Timeline

Talking to the Moon. Trying to get to You In hopes you're on The other side Talking to me too #NP Bruno mars - Talking To The Moon #TL


6 years ago