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Obi Orgnot

Latest: App Search Startup Xyo Scores A Deal With Nokia To Land On Lumia Phones http://t.co/FQAtbb21


6 years ago

Henry macfolder

LAtest nokia torch phones NOW has internet access, get one NOW!


6 years ago

The Elite Noob

Latest Ars Tech: Low-end Lumia 620 shows Nokia's and Windows Phone's scaling trouble: $249 for a Win... http://t.co/2HmEoFcq #tech #news


6 years ago


Can't believe Nokia give 2 week free trials of their latest phones! If this isn't good marketing I don't know what is!


6 years ago

The Mobile Indian

Here’s presenting the latest entrant in the Nokia Asha family http://t.co/XsuF3h8F @nokianewscom @Nokia_Fan @nokia #india #news


6 years ago

Perpetual Prospects

Latest Article: Nokia Takes On Android In Emerging Markets With More Asha Phones http://t.co/NKnvrP8j


6 years ago

 9jastevejobs  

RT @LumiaNews: #Nokia Has A Short Supply And Weak Demand For #Lumia #Phones: #Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK)'s latest generation ... http: ...


6 years ago