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Letting Agents Bristol tweets

Funny Or Fact

Your ex asking to be friends after a break up is like... Kidnappers asking you to "keep in touch" after letting you go..


5 years ago

Dave McMenamin

The NBA is considering letting players put nicknames on the back of their jerseys. Vino/Mamba/Bean will sell bigtime http://t.co/9POM4c7V96


5 years ago

Nathan Fillion

Agents of SHIELD is going to Agents of Rock!


5 years ago

Perfect Boyfriend

Distance shows you who's worth keeping and who's worth letting go.


5 years ago

Sadega, Dochi

Feels good when you're here, don't plan on letting go


5 years ago

Agents of SHIELD

Phil's back! @AgentsofSHIELD premieres tonight at 8|7c on ABC. RT if you're watching! http://t.co/6cjiKJTEvB


5 years ago

The Batman

Let me know when it’s called “Agents of B.A.T.M.A.N.”


5 years ago