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Damn Its True!

Dear God, thanks for this beautiful life and forgive me if I don't love it enough.


7 years ago

jimmy fallon

Me and @jtimberlake show you what a Twitter conversation sounds like in real life. #Hashtag https://t.co/S75ViNSuAs


7 years ago


*ends every piece of advice with “idk though” so that its not my fault if i ruin ur life*


7 years ago

Manchester United

#mufc 1 #lfc 0. Reds progress to the 4th round as Chicharito hands the Reds a key win. Report: http://t.co/t9qzPmOSC1 http://t.co/w8B09KHUsX


7 years ago


Celebrity Worship Syndrome is an obsessive-addictive disorder where a person becomes overly interested with a celebrity’s personal life.


7 years ago

Common White Girl

wearing an oversized shirt and no pants is probably the most comfortable thing in life


7 years ago

ian somerhalder

This is a great quote!I think people forget this-it's a positive;) "Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop." ~Unknown


7 years ago