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Linton Indiana Independence Day tweets

Russell Wilson

Thank you Jesus for waking me up and giving me another day! Despite what goes on, Your amazing Love never changes. #Blessed


9 years ago

Soccer Problems

One day we won't be soccer players anymore... (all soccer players must retweet) http://t.co/i3gvlZOOkN


9 years ago

The Football Life

Shortly after the death of his father Michael Jordan won a championship on Father's Day, then ran to this room crying http://t.co/QliPCzrcx3


9 years ago

Cloyd Rivers

A broken clock is right two times a day. That's twice as many times as Obama. Merica.


9 years ago


MARCH GIVEAWAY DAY 14 winner chosen tomorrow at Midday !! RETWEET and follow to win !!! http://t.co/7sik4lkMRY


9 years ago

เด็กหญิงปอหอ :)

14 มีนาคม เป็นวัน White Day ใครได้ช็อคโกแล็ตไปในวันวาเลยไ- ทน์ 14 กุมภา ถ้าใจตรงกันก็เอาช็อคโกแลตกลับ- มาให้เขานะ :)


9 years ago

The Expherience

Don't let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life.


9 years ago