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Location Vfi tweets

The Race Draft

Blacks offer to reveal real location of Tupac if Miley Cyrus stops humping wrecking balls. Whites accept immediately.


5 years ago

Ghetto Translations™

"Wyd?" = Would you mind picking me up from (insert far away location here).


5 years ago

Connor Franta

Had fun exploring Portland today! I'm still trying to work out a location where we won't get in trouble having a meet up :)


5 years ago

Miami HEAT

On location in Samana, Dominican Republic shooting the 2013-14 #HEATDancers poster! http://t.co/71ZSWAIEg4


5 years ago

Ronnie Burgundy

"911 Whats your emergency?" " There's a fire" "Sir, please state your location" "The dancefloor!" (/._.)/


5 years ago

David Kimaiyo

Those who have their people still in the mall should also inform us the location where they are and their mobile number and names. IG


5 years ago

Josh Gigante

"Use your location on twitter" No thanks, I don't want actual followers


5 years ago