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14% of elementary school students cannot list the 50 states of Canada


7 years ago

Sam Pottorff

hey if anyone found my phone in canada it would save my file if you could like send it to my po box... i would send you something.


7 years ago

ian somerhalder

RT @DevonHaas: WE NEED 18 MORE PEOPLE TO SIGN THIS! https://t.co/tVmIk99Z45 SIGN AND RT! #doitforKim


7 years ago

Justin Bieber

Heartbreaker is #1 in Canada #1 in Sweden #4 in the US and #1 in 14 other countries #BuyHeartbreakerOniTunes http://t.co/YWwDJCBXKt


7 years ago

Earth Pics

Toronto, Canada at night http://t.co/8FVuWrs3tp


7 years ago

darren rovell

Kobayashi ate 42 slices in 12 mins at a pizza eating championship in Canada today http://t.co/ILTpSSwOAo (via @RussellPhotos)


7 years ago

Earth Pics

Moraine Lake, Canada http://t.co/ij3CFqk2kT


7 years ago