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Looking For 15 May tweets

Richard Rooke

@Sammo86 @hannahmpearce 6.15 should be fine for us! May have to start looking at the menu ready!


6 years ago

Chantel Clark Duty

If you love to eat like me... you may be looking for a QUICK- 15 min, Holiday Fat-Burning Workout... ~> http://t.co/PILBCOYN


6 years ago


Friend Leaving For Army Looking For Hulk 180-181: sloangods - And if you find those, you may want to add What If... http://t.co/NsT7geYX


6 years ago

Matty Wyatt

Look, I may have been looking for the sky remote for a good 10/15 minutes and maybe still aint found it but it aint the end of the work #+++


6 years ago

cait elizabeth☀

The first time you "accidentally" text me, may possibly be an accident. But the next 15 times is just you looking for attention.


6 years ago

Megan Stuart

Someone gotta take care of me and my 15 kids. RT @SWEExT: Megan ain't just gone to check her mascara. Clearly she looking for baby daddy


6 years ago

Morag Mitchell

So teachers may be striking as of Monday?!? So much for looking forward to sunny and 15 degrees. #guessnogolf #mummysgolfschoo- linprogress


6 years ago