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Rayon Sizing tweets

Leo Horoscopes

#Leo #ZodiacPeople - A Leo woman may appear to be coy but she will be secretly sizing you up!


7 years ago


On parle de Bachar El Assad, mais rayon crime contre l'humanité, j'vous rappelle que l'inventeur du pain aux raisins court toujours.


7 years ago

Sactown Royalty

The Kings are leading 19-10 with 5:12 left in the 1st quarter of the first pre season game! Start sizing us for rings baby!!


7 years ago

Workout Humor

RT if you do this: Secretly sizing up everything around you. "Yea... I could lift that."


7 years ago

Luke Reichle

#Castle blue 40's style jacket is made from vintage indigo rayon. Been hanging on to that fabric for years, waiting for the right moment.


7 years ago

Microsoft Developer

Take a minute to learn how to design your app for multiple screen sizes: http://t.co/bGC6zHIrBy via @ch9


7 years ago

Janie Johnson

Check my math, but with 1/3rd of the govt shutdown, it appears we have found what "right-sizing" the govt would look like! #tcot


7 years ago