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M I D De Batisse tweets

Niall Horan

Ah Melbourne dearest! I love you soo much! Thanks for another great night in Melbs! I call it that coz I live here ;)


10 years ago

Misha Collins

Also, can someone please explain? I received this as change. You do realize its illegal to deface currency, right? http://t.co/u91VAHJpZ7


10 years ago

Katy Perry

I refuse to speak Starbucks until I've actually learned Italian. ☕️#goodmorningilltakealarge


10 years ago

Common White Girl

it’s not that i’m not a “morning person” i love mornings i’m just not a “waking up person”


10 years ago

Chris Brown

Music is a want... Not a necessity. If u are living paycheck to paycheck then I don't want you to buy my album. It's not fair. Love y'all.


10 years ago

Nicolás Maduro

Las últimas mediciones indican que la Misión Alimentación pasó de atender del 64% al 82% del pueblo en época de Guerra económica.Excelente..


10 years ago

Ashton Irwin

The angry beavers, hey Arnold, Ahh!!! Real monsters, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's modern life, all these shows are why I'm weird #childhood


10 years ago