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Made Of Hemp tweets

Vald Dracul

Just cop'd some vans made out of hemp. #easy


7 years ago

Emily Koepsel

@MegsWhitehouse @ryanradaj @abiiirutledge as future prom queen I want my sash to be made out of hemp leaves #thanks (:


7 years ago

Galib Khalek

RT @jammi_stayjamin: @djkhalek did you know.. that the paper the constitution was printed on is made out of hemp plant?! O.o lol


7 years ago

Kimberly Hill

@TheConkin @aaamy_w it's made out of hemp isn't it


7 years ago

Cannabis 4 Life

The state of Washington should welcome visitors with a lei made of hemp and an ounce of weed! Talk about good tourism!


7 years ago

Gerard Wiley

RT @HempireWorks: Prior to 1883, 90% of all paper made in the U.S. was produced from cannabis (Hemp). Prohibition's an omission of TRUTH ...


7 years ago


@Ethereal_Sleep @bowlwalker the company starts to only use things made exclusively of hemp... Desks.. Paper... Gas pipe


7 years ago