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Magnifying Glass tweets

David Boyadjian

RT @ThatKevinSmith: The key, @SonofSunday, is to flip that microscope around sometimes: Stop magnifying and take a look at what's REALLY ...


7 years ago

David Northam

@DazzaField @Br00zR hahaha, hang on I'll find me magnifying glass ;)


7 years ago

*~*Mollie World*~*

@hellooryann like a big kid with a magnifying glass n I'm an ant


7 years ago

Cristina Aloisio

@cosdell10 omggg we needed a magnifying glass to read it!! And mine was colour coded ☺


7 years ago

Willy Wonka

@SilentBLover the most probably is if you have one i have to see it with a magnifying glass ;P


7 years ago

Teresa Frohock

@Mark__Lawrence Your sliding magnifying glass isn't working for me. Then again, it might just be me, b/c it usually is--just me, that is.


7 years ago

Jacob Pongetti

@torielyse do they give you a magnifying glass to take that?? #microfinal #Iamsofunny BECAUSE MICRO MEANS SMALL!!


7 years ago