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Magnus Vigeland Tv2 Student tweets


The average high school student has the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient would in 1950s.


6 years ago

Funny Tweets ™ ‏

Teacher: So where did you go this winter break? Student 1: I went to Australia. Student 2: I went to Korea. Me: I left my room twice.


6 years ago

College Student

Can I pay off my student loans with tears and shame?


6 years ago

CJ Mosley

Hey student section, my mom just called yal out! "Stop leaving early". We play, we cheer for 60!


6 years ago

WSFA 12 News

Tuskegee U. student shot to death Friday night was a new father - Tonight's vigil details @ 10 http://t.co/oQE3II7WMJ http://t.co/6cHMKUEsSx


6 years ago


Parents and school blame Minecraft for boy bringing hammer and gun to school. What will we blame for their ignorance? http://t.co/LGRqSLZtVS


6 years ago

World Facts

The Nike "swoosh" logo was created in 1971 by a graphic design student and was purchased by Nike for $35.


6 years ago