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Maqui Berry Supplements tweets

Obi Obadike

Supplements are great to assist you in your #fitness #goals but nothing replaces eating healthy foods. #fatloss, #weightloss,#shape,#health


6 years ago

Total Dip Move™

Tom Brady doesn't always dip pouches, but when he does he dips Berry Blend with a hint of Tampon


6 years ago

Wan Muhammad Haziq∞

You're the apple to my pie. You're the straw to my berry. You're the smoke to my high and You're the one I wanna marry❤


6 years ago

ABC News

Deadly Hawaii hepatitis outbreak possibly tied to supplements: http://t.co/iy5hJwI97C


6 years ago

Dr. Mercola

French fries are loaded with the worst types of fat – typically refined & GM omega-6 oils such as corn and canola. http://t.co/s8ECQb5LTF


6 years ago

I miss Cory

-Any other Glee episode: Lea Michele as Rachel Berry -5x03: Lea Michele as Lea Michele


6 years ago


I have never asked any of you for a RT.... But will you please do it this one time?! http://t.co/Ll02uW7Sov


6 years ago