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Marguerite Junk Cruise tweets


A man once attempted to cash a $95,000 junk check he received in the mail as spam... and it worked.


7 years ago

Frankie Boyle

At least cruise ship she ends up on won't need an anchor #XFactor


7 years ago

What The F*** Facts

Healthy and organic food cost about ten times as much as junk food or candy.


7 years ago

jeremy scahill

Perfect: Obama nominated the DoD lawyer who signed off on all the drone & cruise missile strikes to be head of Dept. of Homeland Security


7 years ago

Untold Secrets™

There is a cruise ship called, "The World" where residents live permanently as it travels around the globe.


7 years ago

Science News

Sleep allows brain to wash out junk (Discovery could lead to better treatments for Alzheimer’s disease) http://t.co/qqOeiG86DO


7 years ago

Robert Jiggly Jr.

"It's Mr. Steal Yo Land" -Christopher Columbus


7 years ago