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Wall Street Journal

BlackBerry had nearly 50% of U.S. market share in 2009. Now it's 2.1%. BlackBerry's slide, in 4 charts: http://t.co/dO2kVIfhn7


7 years ago

Dan Wetzel

I know Oakland is a small market club, but all the only beer they had for the baby was Bud Light? http://t.co/EoA83N6por


7 years ago

Beasiswa Indonesia

http://t.co/wgRGBlqsDH beasiswa riset di Plymouth University UK, mau? :)


7 years ago

S.O.U.L. Purpose

Ummm... Chinese food, Kebabs, Donuts, Burgers, Chips, AND Fries???!!! Cornering that market huh?… http://t.co/t6bq5szvAT


7 years ago


I write sins not five page research papers


7 years ago

Michelle Malkin

Even In Over-Regulated Wash. State, Obamacare Will Increase Indiv Health Insurance Premiums By 34-80% cc @BarackObama http://t.co/jlI03TqP2A


7 years ago

Terms Of Scorpio

#Scorpios are opinionated & can defend their opinions to the end of the world


7 years ago