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Mccullogh Lawnmower Electric Starter tweets


Scientists are developing a method of erasing negative emotional memories (like a break-up) using mild electric shocks.


5 years ago

Mike Greenberg

Pound for pound, there wasn't a tougher player than Allen Iverson. At his best, as electric to watch as just about anybody ever.


5 years ago

The Fake ESPN

Case Keenum says being named Texans starter an honor, feels kind of like being named Captain of the Titanic long after it hit the iceberg.


5 years ago


I said ooh girl, shock me like an electric eel. Baby girl, turn me on with your electric feel.


5 years ago

Boston Red Sox

Bogaerts (21 yrs, 17 days) is 3rd-youngest starter in an ALCS game after 20-year-olds Bret Saberhagen in '84 & Claudell Washington in '74.


5 years ago

Chelsea FC Indonesia

Mourinho mengatakan belum ada yang tahu siapa yang akan menjadi starter di pertandingan melawan Cardiff besok. #CFCIndo


5 years ago


New #Vikings starter Josh Freeman's playbook has only 4 plays: 1. Handoff to Peterson 2. Timeout 3. QB Kneel 4. Punt


5 years ago