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Great Minds Quotes

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin


10 years ago

Barnaby Edwards

The Daily Mail's billionaire owner pays no UK tax and his dad approved of Hitler. Ed Miliband pays full UK tax and his dad fought Hitler.


10 years ago

Doctor Who Official

The Have I Got News For You team pays affectionate tribute to a show. We won’t say which, but they’ve excellent taste:http://t.co/42CtGG6CbX


10 years ago

Mike Nicholson

Buddy Franklin walks into a bar, Tippett offers to buy him a drink but Demetriou steps in a pays for both of them. Laughs all round. #AFL


10 years ago


Hard work pays off and no one knows that better than a #Capricorn. They stay on the grind working 24/7.


10 years ago


Half hour 'til government shutdown at which point I declare ACORNS ARE NOW MONEY. My army of trained squirrels finally pays off!


10 years ago


Owner of the Daily Mail Viscount Rothermere loves this country so much he is a tax exile and pays no tax on his estimated £1billion fortune


10 years ago