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Colts pull off the upset in San Fran. Andrew Luck leads Indianapolis to convincing 27-7 win. Colin Kaepernick gets 1st home loss as starter.


5 years ago

Adam Levine

RIDDLE: What’s tall, hairy, and due for a loss? #TheVoiceisBack


5 years ago


The total weight of all the ants on Earth is about the same as the total weight of all the humans on Earth.


5 years ago

Ricky Gervais

Possibly my most important tweet and blog post ever http://t.co/Jb7J1gH6gb please read without prejudice & RT if you would be so kind :)


5 years ago

The New York Times

Breaking News: ‘Breaking Bad’ Wins Emmy Award for Best Drama Series; ‘Modern Family’ Wins Best Comedy http://t.co/GGQhTyEpuV


5 years ago

Faux John Madden

BREAKING: Footage of Aldon Smith driving home after yesterday's 27-7 loss to Indianapolis -- http://t.co/0ZfQC8TrQI


5 years ago

Huffington Post

"Tonight, we remember Cory for all he was, and mourn the loss of what could have been." Jane Lynch on Cory Monteith #Emmys


5 years ago