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Monday Wed Friday tweets

Anggi Wulandari

Welcoming Thursday. Closer to Friday, closer to weekend. Closer to Monday, closer to Final Exam. N-O. I take it back. Lets just stay on Wed.


6 years ago

Andrew Cacho

Monday:TakeHomeFinal.Tuesday:- BioChemTest.Wed:BioStatPresen- tation.Thurs:AChemTest.Friday- :BioStatProjectPresentation. This is not #deadweek.


6 years ago

OHS Spanish Club

Club Meeting: Wed. 12/12 Holiday Event: Fri. 12/14 Ralia sign-up deadline: This Friday! *Check email from Monday for further details on all.


6 years ago


@Illdah of course! I'm only down on Wed night til Friday and Monday. So let me kno when u wanna go luv


6 years ago

Team Natalya ♥

Next Monday- Story & Geographie..Tues- Sewing..Wed- German & Cooking..Thur-French... Fri- Math TESTS!!!!! this Friday Math test.. :( #Test


6 years ago

Dillon Tackett

@johndslone K monday me tuesday wed,thursday vanessa friday roberto saturday and then I'm back sunday


6 years ago


first final tomorrow, second final friday, third final monday, and last final aka freedom on wed... let the studying begin.


6 years ago