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Montessoru School By Senayan City tweets

Jai Brooks

yes i was fat, i was bullied, i was shy, yes i was considered a 'loser' in school. but i wouldnt change any of it, it made me who i am today


6 years ago

Damn Its True!

No one likes: ► Mondays ► Homework ► Fake Friends ► School ► Being Ignored ► Drama ► Liars ► Slow WIFI ► An empty fridge ► Being Replaced


6 years ago

jimmy fallon

After 70 years in business, New York City's Opera is filing for bankruptcy. Or as the fat lady put it, “Soooo, now?" #fallonmono


6 years ago


Dear School, Can you please just stop making me tired.


6 years ago

Jon Lester

Can't wait to hear how loud Fenway will be tmrw! I want to hear y'all on every pitch! Love our fans, love this city, love this team! #NVRQT


6 years ago

Common White Girl

let’s play a game called “how much of this homework can i do in school tomorrow”


6 years ago


It was fun while it lasted. Blake Griffin says Lob City is dead: http://t.co/LqsPMIONyh


6 years ago