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Moom Hair Removal Reviews tweets

Tweet Like A Girl

if my hair could grow 5 or 6 inches overnight that would be great


5 years ago

Steve Stifler

I tried killing a spider with hairspray. He’s still alive, but his hair looks outstanding


5 years ago

Kids Probs ʕ•̬͡•ʔ

*me after a haircut* me: i love it! me: it's different me: it's not that bad me: OMG WHY! me: WHERE IS MY HAIR?? me: THEY CUT OFF TOO MUCH!


5 years ago

Girl Codes

I wish I could just snap my fingers and my hair would be straight or curly or however I wanted it to be my life would be 10000x easier


5 years ago

Snapchat Problems

If i snapchat you with my hair looking like a lion's, just know we are true homies.


5 years ago

Female Problems

Chapstick, bobby pins & hair ties are probably the hardest things to keep up with #femaleproblems


5 years ago


ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ doesn't my hair grow faster ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ


5 years ago