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Moose Elandenkop tweets

Cute Emergency

Moose did not like his first bath. http://t.co/01Z3WJtEW1


7 years ago

Ted Nugent

Surely God created deer elk bear moose all game the perfect size & design for my arrows


7 years ago

Erik Karlsson

Nice little dinner w the guy who eats more than a moose family @MarcMethot3 #lalala


7 years ago

Huffington Post

There's a moose on the loose in Washington http://t.co/q8UwXOrH0L


7 years ago

Actor Trivia

Moose, the dog from Frasier, got more fan mail than any of the human actors.


7 years ago

Keith Langlois

Kyle Singler joins the pack. Coach Sheed and Greg Monroe going at it pretty good with Mo Cheeks feeding Moose in the post


7 years ago

Peter Quinlan

Special Weather Statement for the Outlook-Moose Jaw-Humboldt-Nipawin-Hudson Bay areas. 50-70mm Rain Thursday #skstorm http://t.co/xslzdGaE1N


7 years ago