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Movie The Flaw tweets


I found a flaw in Inception that can potentially ruin the whole movie for you... But I'm not going to share it b/c it contradicts the story.


6 years ago

NatNat ❤

I just realized a flaw in the plan of this movie, she's planning on selling a lot of pies but doesn't have many chickens.


6 years ago

Rick Lesley

Like all spawn systems, there are flaws. I am the flaw on the bus. I will sit next to someone just because. Movie theaters are the same way.


6 years ago

Kendra Kirai

@cjsjostrand Ferris' main flaw in the movie is his...*arrogance*, which is actually pretty well deserved.


6 years ago

....Whittle ❤

Okay we played games. Now I'm ready to cuddle up & watch a movie. Let's see how long it takes me to get him to turn the game off....**lol


6 years ago

K E Butler Jewelers

Unlike the fictional #diamond in the movie with a panther shaped flaw The Pink Panther diamond is internally flawless.


6 years ago

Marcus Merritt

@AOTF That is the only visual flaw in that movie.


6 years ago